Latrice Fowler
Creative Entrepreneur
Rebuilding mindsets and restoring dreams through Entrepreneurial Education in the online space. Equipping those with vital information that allows them to create success in this lifetime.
Co-Author of Who said it’s as easy to be rich as it is to be poor? It’s your time! Writer of the upcoming Magbook series The Wifey Files A Marriage Playbook From The Point Of View Of One Happy Wifey.
The mission and overall purpose in life is to share spiritual nuggets of God's shining grace. Through the messages of love, power and divine intervention through prayer and a healthy spirtual walk in faith.
"At some point you have to start listening to your own advice and Design Your Life!

- Latrice Fowler
I am not brand new when it comes to the online entrepreneurial world and business. I started my venture back in 2006 when I launched my family food blog Raising Chefs…not just good cooks! I had a passion for teaching kids and adults alike to cook, using the freshest of ingredients, recipe development and the importance of bringing families back to the dinner table. As time past, I developed other passions that would broaden my culinary skills. Adding catering to my plate, I ventured out and launched Cowtown Kitchen, creating simple and flavorful meals for busy Texans.

Everything I have ever accomplished in my life was never easy. The many skills I’ve learned over the years was all self-taught. With the power of the internet it was fitting as a creative to learn all I could in regards to graphic design and web development. Once I accomplished and mastered those skills I created and launch FowlerHouse Graphics a graphic and website design firm. Building and creating website presence and business brands for other online Entrepreneurs.
Today my main focus is my writing, authoring books in non-fiction, fiction, children’s fiction, and urban fiction. Teaching other aspiring Entrepreneurs the importance of entrepreneurial education in the online space. How to start and sustain a viable business through multiple streams of income.

Lastly and certainly not least. I believe I have a true God-given calling to be a spiritual reminder of his beauty, grace and unfailing love he has for each of us. I believe through my life and the path I’ve walked I am a testimony that people need to experience. This is by far the very best assignment a girl like me can be given and I do not take this assignment lightly. This is my task. This is my mission. This is my assignment that I’ve excepted. My God-shine will not be compromised ✝
  • Family Food Blogger | Recipe Developer
  • Caterer
  • Homeschool Educator
  • Graphic Designer & Web Development
  • Writer
  • Author
  • Spiritual Reminder
  1. 2008-Current
    Author | Blogger | Writer | Master Teacher of Entrepreunerial Education | Spiritual Reminder
    Writing has been the passion for many years. Through the family food blog, a collaboration with 8 other authors in a story of loss, hurt, pain and untrusting confusion. Teaching students the importance of entrepreneurial education and spreading messages of the abundant gifts in the power of prayer.
  2. 2008- 2017
    Graphic Design & Web Development @ FowlerHouse Graphics
    Assisting entrepreneurs in the design and creation of an online presence. Bringing to life their visions for their dream business in the online space. Being an extension of that dream as we worked together to carve out their business home on the world, wide, web.
  3. 2006-2014
    Family Food Blogger @ Raising Chefs | Catering Chef @ Cowtown Kitchen
    Out of desperation I taught myself how to cook. Because of that desperation I also taught my own children to cook and anyone who wanted to learn. Feeling a sense of pride having the control of what we put into our bodies was important. The use of fresh ingredients and developing recipes was a proud undertaking and created new traditions for my family, friends and strangers alike.
  4. 2008-Current
    Homeschool Educator @ Alice Coffer Academy
    As a parent and taking a stance on the importance of my children’s education. Over the years they’ve been taught the necessary skills to sustain their lives as contributing adults. With a strong background in entrepreneurial education so they can dream, plan, create and build empires of their own and not work the rest of their lives for someone else’s agenda.
  1. 1994-2013
    Culinary Foundation
    The ones before me, laid the foundation for my love for learning to cook. From my Grandmothers, my Mothers (birth, step and God), to Aunts and Uncles it was a solid foundation. Once I grew up and was married that brilliant logic went out the window and it felt like I’d learned nothing! I took to the trusty boob-tube (TV) learning my way through watching Chefs like Julia Child, Jacques Pepin, Yan Can Cook, Chefs Around the World and the countless chefs on The Food Network. Those were my teachers and I soaked in as much as I could, and did. I learned to cook like a chef, not just a good cook!
  2. 2006-Current
    Writing | Online Business | Marketing | Social Media Strategies
    Creative Freedom Writing-Course | Learn Scrivener Fast-Course (writing software) | How To Market Your Book-Course Over 20 Courses/eBook Training from The Six Figure Chick | Countless number of Webinars, Books and eBooks on Mindset Rebuilding, Self-Development, Business Development & Social Media Marketing | Periscopes from top influencers;,,,…etc. You are who you attract! Learning gives you wings!
  3. 1997-2016
    Graphic Design & Web Development
    With a Masters Degree from Google and a PHD from YouTube all things have been possible in the world of graphic and website development. All self-taught with the help of google engineers and algorithms put in place to crank out search after search of anything and everything you ever want and need to learn. Same goes for YT. With the assistance of YouTubers from all around the world I learned, studied, tested, failed…rinse and repeated until success was mine. I still and will forever be a student of the web and world.
My Brands
  1. Wifey Empire
    Wifey Empire
  2. Alice Coffer Academy
    Alice Coffer Academy
  3. Pray It Real
    Pray It Real
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  • The Wifey Files - Book's Landing & Sales Page
  • The Write Wife - Writer's Resource Guide & Entrepreneurial Education Portal
Homeschool education for dreamers, thinkers, visionaries and creative learners. Bringing the 21st-century's way of learning to light with a heavy focus on entrepreneurial education. Rather than learning skills that will ultimately build someone else’s dreams and empires. Teaching you skills that you can apply to your own life and build a successful empire of your own. Breaking the generational curse of the art of settling. 
There is power in prayer! The more you pray, the more things you need, ask for, and or seek, will become real. God says, “ask and you shall receive.” It may not come when you want it, but he’s always on time. But! Be careful what you ask for, you just may get it! I'm just the messenger.